New job: Hireacamera

Upon talking to many cinematographers and people involved in the film industry I found many advised I should begin my career at a camera rental house. From this I emailed many rental houses asking for work experience. It wasn’t until I emailed Hireacamera did I get a response to which they asked me to email again at a later date.

When two months passed and the time to re-email to request work experience again, I was pleasantly surprised and very happy to be offered a job at Hireacamera. The news of actually getting out of a part time job that was going nowhere and entering into the industry I hope to be a part of was significantly the best news of the year.

Since I have begun working at Hireacamera I have learnt so much that I know wouldn’t of been possible without this job. There is so much more to learn and the opportunity of being able to first hand play with each piece of equipment before many others is a blessing and such a fantastic opportunity. A huge bonus is working for Guy Thatcher who has exemplary knowledge of film and camera equipment who knows literally everyone in the industry and is always very eager to talk about the equipment.

If you are a filmmaker or want to try out new industry equipment you should hire here: as not only is everyone lovely and produce such a high quality service but the company also sweetens the deal, not only with sweets, but with great equipment. It is such an excellent opportunity and fantastic opportunity to be a part of this company.

The only advice I can give to other aspiring cinematographers is to keep perusing camera rental houses, make as many shorts and go to networking events. It will all come together in good time and you will amazed with the results from your enthusiasm, determination and hard work. Keep at it and you will reach your dreams!


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