Green Runner Production Training

*Disclaimer: Due to legal reasons I am unable to disclose any information I may of seen/overheard at Pinewood Studios or any course specifications.*

I was one of the fortunate few to be selected for the Green Runner Production Training Programme which has been one of the most inspiring and life changing events I have attended.

The course was run by GreenShoot in partnership with Creative Skillset to provide a new training programme for entry level production runners & technicians with 1 years experience. The course took place at Pinewood Studios, for 3 days, looked at the industry, production skills, environmental issues and sustainability in film using the BS 8909 standard.

Melanie Dicks and Paul Evans, the main curators of the training programme, provided the group with many links and contacts in the industry giving us valuable information on the direction we wish to take in the industry and how to achieve those goals. Nigel Wickens, a professional trainer, taught the BS 8909 in a relatable and understandable way that made the standard come to life. Guest speakers included David Stubbs – Head of Sustainability for London 2012 Olympics, Stella Scott – Green Steward and Asset Manager (Everest, The World’s End & Portrait of a Star), Martin Kern – Scenery Salvage and Tim Benson – Solar Firefly.

Here is a brief overview of the course contents:

  • Overview of all production grades and the hierarchy of production
  • Production Focus – understanding call sheets, production health and safety, movement orders and how to write them, how to collate purchase orders and how to write a purchase order and petty cash, forms and organisation
  • Environmental Focus – carbon foot printing and demystifying the process in relation to film production
  • Film case studies
  • Green workshops
  • Course notes and case studies, links and industry contacts.

From attending the course I have gained certifiable green production credentials to offer on set and on location as well as the production office and art departments. Not only have I become a valuable asset to the changing film industry, and made some new contacts and friends, I will now be one of the few green production runners that will be viable in future film productions. Aside from adding an additional skill to my resume I have been notified that in taking part in the course I will be contacted in the future to be a runner on upcoming feature films. This is a great stepping stone into the industry as I will be a Green Steward and potentially working my way up the ladder of the camera department leading towards a DOP position.

Below are some links that will be of value to your production and breaking into the industry:

Women in Film: Leading membership organisation for women working in creative media in the UK
Universal Extras: Be an extra in TV, Film and Music Videos
Firefly Solar: Manufactured portable and permanent solar-powered generators
Scenery Salvage: Organise a dedicated system for the removal of scenery from studios or locations
BFI: British Film Institute
Creative Skillset: Provides courses and training for industry professionals and information on film industry and roles
Shooting People: Network of independent film creatives – provides jobs, competitions and bulletins/industry news
BECTU: UK’s media and entertainment trade union
The Production Guild: Supports the most experienced production personnel in UK film and television drama

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