Raindance 99 Minute Film School

The 99 Minute Film School was such an amazing and inspiring course run by the ever gracious and charming Elliot Grove.

I attended the course to learn more about film production and networking opportunities with others seeking to join the film industry. Elliot Grove, the founder of Raindance, was very charismatic and engaged with the audience to a degree where I found myself enlightened by his intelligence and enthusiasm for film.

The course delved into film festivals and the importance of a Press Kit, the different people who attend film festivals and who you should be networking with such as Festival Programmers. Elliot further discussed the importance of shooting as many short films as you possibly can in order to develop your skills in the required field of work you wish to be a part of.

The most important aspect of the course that really stood out to me was Elliot’s story about his friend who was too afraid to create another film, as she promised her dying mother that her next film would win at the Oscar’s. To me this fear of not being able to create a masterpiece instead of just creating lots of smaller projects really touched me and made me determined to go out there and make shorts. That I will create Noah’s arc rather than the Titanic.

After the course ended I had the opportunity to seek some wisdom and guidance from Elliot. He made some suggestions regarding my CV, that I would have to move to London, get some experience at a camera hire house and attend the courses that Raindance offer (Technical Foundation and Cinematography) would be very beneficial for my career as an aspiring Director of Photographer.

This opportunity to be at the 99 Minute Film School was very beneficial and has made me more determined to be in the film industry.



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