Oxjam Brighton Takeover (ft. DV8)

The Oxjam Brighton Takeover was a success. The filming of the event was fantastic and the students at DV8 Sussex played both a vital part in the production and in doing so have created some fantastic content.

A month before the event I had the opportunity to meet with one of the organisers (Jacqueline ‘Jax’ Mitrovic) and another filmmaker (Lynn Perez) who would be shooting at another venue to discuss the brief and the DV8 Sussex students who would be involved.

Not long after the discussion about the brief with Jax and Lynn, I had a meeting with Fiona Ring and Esther Springett to further discuss what Jax wanted out of the filming for the event and the technical specs for the production. In the next 2 weeks I travelled to Brighton to go through camera production, location recce, camera angles, aperture, ISO, lenses, shutter speed and lighting with the DV8 Sussex students and what to be expected on the day.

On the 26th October the filming of Oxjam began for myself and the students of DV8 Sussex at the Moksha Cafe. The acts included Cocktail Party, Supermega Schwarzenegger, Bella Kardasis and Desire To Fly. The students worked extremely well and were able to adapt to certain production problems that occurred during the shoot in a professional way, which was fantastic to see and be a part of.

Supermega Schwarzenegger

Supermega Schwarzenegger

Bella Kardasis

Bella Kardasis

Desire To Fly

Desire To Fly

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