East End Film Festival – Summary

The East End Film Festival was such an amazing experience and I was able to see many new and interesting films. These included:

(25/06) Opening Night – The UK Gold & Live Gig 
(28/06) The Last Elvis
(29/06) When Derin Falls and The Wild Ones. 
(30/06) Documentary Afternoon – The Tick and the Turkey, Platform 12, All Eyes On Us, Black Out, Railway Redeption.

However, due to personal reasons I was unable to film the other events that I was assigned to which included:

(03/07) In The Name Of and Colors
(04/07) Prospectas, The Brightest Colours Make Grey and One Night In Powder
(05/07) We Are The Freaks, Lakino, Argentine Short Films and Die Welt
(09/07) Inch Allah and Halley
(10/07) Closing Night Gala – Lovelace

The experience of working with many other filmmakers and photographers was so much fun and enabled me to form new contacts and learn new techniques that I have taken with me. Being a part of EEFF has helped me to boost my confidence of live filming and discover new films. I would highly recommend you check out the website and see the highlights. 

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 22.35.27

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