Truck Festival – Summary

The Truck Festival was such a great experience and at a much larger venue (Steventon, Oxfordshire) than the HBMF. The work was through Southampton Solent University and a part of the Outside Broadcast course. This was certainly a professional experience being a part of a team that I not only got to be a camera operator on Main Stage and the Barnhouse but also de-rigging the sets.

Over the two filming days I had the opportunity of filming some great live bands that included:

* Lost in the Riots *
* Lillian Todd Jones *
* Treetop Flyers *
* Ash *
* Salvation Bill *
* The Social Club *
* Stagecoach *
* Crash of Rhinos *
* Rolo Tomassi *

Aside from filming these amazing bands I also had the pleasure of watching a few bands I have been wanting to see – The Horrors, We Are The Ocean and The Subways.

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 22.32.35

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