New Upcoming Films

It is time. Well at least for uni to end and the beginning of some short films this summer.

I must say it has been a long time coming and I know many of you have been waiting patiently for some new films to come your way. But due to commitments at uni and the amount of work that entailed I was unable to produce anything creative. As a result I now have plenty of films which will keep me occupied during the summer and hopefully majority of the films will be shot within the next few months. Below are the films I am planning on shooting with a brief summary of what to expect:


Avant-garde experimental short about the effects of a long hot summer:  includes fans and a girl crashing to the floor.

Ring a Ring o’ Roses

Short film based on the nursery rhyme gone wrong.


Anti-bullying/ suicide prevention short film.

Through the Eyes/ Life in a World Unseen

Either a documentary about the appreciation of life. Or a short film displaying the importance of life. Still undecided about the direction I want to go with this film.

Cadged (working title)

Short film about a woman confined to a room (inspired by Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poem The Lady of Shallot).

I Love You

A message to a missed loved one.

Two Birds

Short animation about two doves who find one another – by overcoming obstacles. Including the message to “Never give up”
Collaboration with Jessie Ellen Illustrations.

Human Behaviour

Observational short about human behaviour.

Taking up your cross

Short film at the beach skimming stones with a message.


So there we have it. A few films that have been circling my mind for a while now that will soon be filmed and viewable for all to see. Keep posted for upcoming updates on the films progression and release dates.


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